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because of him ..

What he did ?
- he used to cry for me .
- he used to have a lot of laughter because of me ..
- i used to make him shout at me .. bcoz of my fault..
- he used to be one of my motivator/ustaz ..
- he did love me , even he younger than me..
- he keep his royalty towards me ..
- he did not go after another girls except me
- he always told me the history before our relationship.
- he still remember our date of anniversarry ..
- he never not to remember our important date .
- he never forget to call me in every second , every minute , every hour ( byk kedit hgg)
- if we have danish for real here , it could be more cheerful..
and ..
what i did for him ?
- i keep lying on him ..
- i'm still care about another person
- i'm always make him angry and shout at me..
- i didn't care on his problems...
- i just wait for him till midnight ..
- i happy on his behaviour,, sometimes he can be a leader , a bestfriend to me ..
- i'm not believe him , even he never do what another boy do..
- i'm not appreciates him officially
- keep my sorry along the relationship..
- but , something that he never understand , i love him as much he love me back ..
- i'm sorry ..
- i'm just a sellfish
dh xpayah nak geli-geli ..
aku taw la jiwg gilaa.
mcm xbiasa pulakk...
jgn cita kat bear gemokk tw
aku habaq nehh kat dia.
by ,
panda gemokkk ..

to ,

bear gemokk..